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What We do

A customs broker clears shipments of imported or exported goods. They are responsible for ensuring that the items meet all the regulations, laws, packing, and other requirements that are mandated by laws of Guyana, USA, and other international communities. Customs brokers and their assistants spend a lot of time going from their office to customs houses, to shipyards, and to other places where cargo enters the country. They need to be versatile with mobile electronics such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. This is a huge responsibility that we take with pride and passion as if not handled well, severe repercussions will be faced by both the client and the broker.

What we expect

Over the last 34 years, Clarence Sahibdeen Customs Brokerage has evolved from a single-unit broker in Guyana to one of the largest names in Customs Brokerage. Today, we have developed and maintained positive relationships with government officials and kept a strong portfolio with a diverse client base of different needs including commerce, automotive, construction, food, service, forestry and education. When developing our team, we expect and continue to adhere that our team maintains the same level of commitment, tech-savvy, high-educated and experienced approach that we have been striving for. 

Why Customers Hire Us

Clients and governments hire customs brokers to keep abreast of all the latest rules and regulations, taxes, and documentation needed to bring items into or out of a country. This information varies wildly from place to place, making it exceedingly difficult for a business to keep up with everything. 

We are the middlemen between the importer or exporter and the government. We calculate and ensure duties and tariffs are paid and obtain or make insurance claims, track cargo, and interact with customs officials. We also aid clients on what markets are lucrative and which ones are not. With our understanding of tariffs and regulations, we are able to help companies explore new and profitable markets. 

Why you should apply

Clarence Sahibdeen Customs Brokerage allows for specialization and depth in related skills as well as expertise in our areas of work while maintaining the dedicated, high-level hands-on approach that we have been known to bring. We also provide broad exposure and the ability to learn from and collaborate with the same providers of expert customs brokerage performing their disciplines such as technology, business, development, and project management. With a recognized and loyal client base that always has room to develop, we excel in team contribution while maintaining a work-life balanced career. Mentorship opportunities and other constantly provided values makes our company employees stay and become veterans that grow to love, cherish and provide back the same amount of effort that we have brought in their beginnings. 

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