Services of CS Brokerage

For many importers, the job isn't to just import

It's more than that

You have to plan, market, sell, meet, subcontract

and the list goes on and on.... 


Don't walk alone, let us take the walk with you.

We provide Consultation so you can plan your next project

  1. Our Customs broker can assist an importer in a number of complicated areas, such as tariff classification, customs valuation, appeals and dispute settlements, refunds, drawbacks and remission of duties, sales and excise tax implications, payment of taxes and duties, seizure appeals, reviews of past customs accounting documents (entries), and anti-dumping and countervailing issues.

  2. Our customs brokers can also review your company’s operations with a view to improvement so that you can excel even further.

We provide the best expertise for the best value.

  1. Our Customs broker can assist importers and exporters with the latest technologies, news, protocols and the best performance that the market can provide.

  2. We are among the oldest brokers in Guyana, and are experienced with GRA protocols as well as their staff in charge.

  3. We know where your documents are 100% of the time. We are experienced in all wharfs, and can subcontract deliver at any necessary moment.

  4. We also will bargain for you for the best fees and recommend the best handlers in Guyana. With some of the highest trained, most experienced assistant brokers you will ever see.

  5. It's going to be a satisfaction guaranteed.

We communicate, develop and embrace your business

  1. We deal with the full process of importing and exporting. From start to finish. 

  2. We communicate with our clients as well as shipment companies on the time of arrival, and alert you on the process.

  3. We do the foundation work, and consult any local officers and directors of any queries, allowing a seamless and secure process.

  4. We also will do our best to ensure your fees are kept to a minimum. 

  5. Our specialized and constantly improving approach enables you to avoid demurrage charges

  6. We allow feedback for further improvement on our procedures as well as ensure they are well-fixed before the next shipment.

  7. We've worked with some of the biggest companies in Guyana and adhere to standards, not only locally but internationally.